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You can start the registration process now by filling in the basic information and uploading the required documents. Upon checking the company’s record, examining the financial statements, and evaluating the company’s credit profile by the platform, you will be eligible for financing. Once your request for funding is accepted, you will be able to apply for funding through the platform

It is possible for any company or establishment based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with a valid commercial registration, an operational history with a minimum of one year, and a business plan that demonstrates systematic growth, a clear strategy and vision

Financial Statements
Commercial Registration
Licenses (if any)
Bank Statement
Business Plan

The procedures for applying for a funding request from the Forus are done in an easy way, using innovative technology, and at competitive prices.

The annual percentage rate is calculated by the automated credit evaluation system, which analyzes the financial statements in addition to the risk ratio based on the information provided by the financing applicant. The APR ranges from 9.7% to 27.7%.