Our commitment to
Shari’ah Compliance

Here at Forus Financial, we comply with Islamic Shariah
rules and provisions through Shari’a Committee
supervision of all operations, agreements, policies and

Why is Forus
Shariah Compliant

About the Sharia Committee

  • Our committee is working to achieve the platform’s leadership in the field of crowdfunding that is compatible with the provisions of Islamic Shariah, which achieves the platform excellence in the technology and legal aspects, by contributing to the strengthening of debt instruments marketplaces.
  • With innovative products and solutions, and drawing ethical standards that the platform achieves its supreme goal - It is the commitment to the provisions and principles of Islamic Shariah in all its dealings.

Objectives of the Shariah Committee

  • Fatwa and rule of Shariah provisions in all platform transactions.
  • Ensure that the platform applies all provisions and principles of Islamic Shariah in all its dealings.

Duties of the Sharia Committee

  • Clarify the legal provisions in all financial and investment transactions of the platform.
  • Verifying the platform’s commitment to the committee’s decisions in its products and contracts, and ensuring their implementation in accordance with the provisions of Islamic Shariah.
  • Provide advice and guidance to the platform to maintain the legitimate orientation in all its transactions.
  • Receiving observations and problems related to the legal aspects inside and outside the platform.

How Tawaruqq Works


The client applies to Forus


Forus purchases goods from a supplier


Company concludes a Murabaha agreement with the Client and transfers the commodities to the Client in ownership


The client indirectly sells the commodities to the final buyer and receives free cash


The company pays periodic payments (installment plan) until the full fulfillment of obligations

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How Does Forus Ensure Shariah Compliance?

In order to ensure that our commitment to shariah compliance is adhered to; we work with internationally-recognised scholars that serve as shariah Board members for numerous Islamic banks around the world

Certified by the Shariyah Review Burea

Shari’a Committee Report